Malocclusions (irregular contact of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws including overbites, underbites, openbites and crossbites) and certain alignment disorders can create significant deficiencies in the smile aesthetics of individuals. In addition to this, irregularities of the teeth can make it impossible to brush teeth efficiently, causing gingival diseases and decay in a relatively short period of time. At our clinic, we can prevent such issues by correcting the irregular teeth with braces. Additionally, we are able to treat disorders of the jaw in a non-surgical way by applying skeletal modifications using a number of different treatment approaches for children during their growth and developmental period.


Our orthodontics branch compliments and works in cooperation with other specialties of dentistry. You can make an appointment with our fully qualified in-house orthodontist by contacting us. Everybody deserves to have an aesthetically pleasing smile with their natural teeth, no matter what their age may be.
Orthodontic treatments;

  • Fixed orthodontic treatments
  • Porcelain (esthetic) bracketsInvisalign treatment
  • Maxillary (upper jaw) expansion
  • Functional treatments for skeletal malocclusions
  • Jaw surgery