Dental Treatment Whilst on Holiday in Fethiye, Calıs, Hisaronu and Oludeniz.

Are you considering visiting a dental centre during your holiday in Fethiye , Calıs, Hisaronu, Oludeniz, Turkey for dental treatments like teeth implants, veneers, crowns, teeth whitening etc. We provide excellent dental care at very low prices compared to the UK, making it a popular dental holiday destination. The main reason to travel for dental treatment in Turkey is the price and high quality of Dental Service in Turkey.

It is very crucial to know where you will get your treatment.

High Quality and Hygienic

Our Clinics aim to maximize patient satisfaction by closely following the innovations and new developments in the field of medicine, whilst also adopting a good understanding of quality customer care. We attach great importance to hygiene and cleanliness in our clinics. We are very sensitive about communicating with you before and after the treatment.

Why Choose Us?

In the last few years, a lot of our customers ask us for medical treatment whilst on holiday. Our customers’ trust and high demand led us to health tourism. We have also started health tourism with the best clinics that are suitable for trust in us. Our company and all clinics which deal with us are licensed and controlled by the Ministry of Health Turkey.


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Composite fillings are one of the most commonly used and current aesthetic dental treatments available. Today, with the development of bonding agents and composite fillings, it is frequently the treatment of choice, ...
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Genetic tendencies, the use of certain medications, the accumulation of plaque, external factors (tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc.) and aging may all contribute to the discoloration of the teeth over time...
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Dental implants are titanium screws that are placed in the jawbone in order to restore the aesthetics and normal function of the teeth that have been lost due to untreated caries, fractures, gum problems, trauma ...
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Rather than losing a healthy tooth, it is our priority to treat the root canal as a suitable alternative to extraction. Root canal treatment is a method of cleaning the pulp of the tooth and eliminating the nerves that cause the pain...
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The careful maintenance of children’s oral and dental health is critical to ensuring that they transition into adulthood with healthy teeth and gums. Children with poor oral and dental health early ...
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Prosthetic dental treatment is the branch of dentistry that includes many disciplines such as removable and fixed prostheses (dentures), implantology and prosthetics of the jaw and face. The prime aim of prosthodontics...
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Malocclusions (irregular contact of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws including overbites, underbites, openbites and crossbites) and certain alignment disorders can create significant deficiencies ...
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Bruxism is the action of involuntarily clenching, gnashing or grinding the teeth, most commonly while the patient is asleep. It is caused by the muscles that close the jaw contracting on both sides simultaneously and involuntarily...
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Our Clinics

Our clinics that we are in cooperation with is one the most popular in the region. Our goal is to offer the highest quality services, with the most competitive prices. Thanks to the professional dedicated staff, most advanced equipment and up to date technologies.

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